Good News – Sluice now flushing the Creek

Thanks to work recently completed by Medway Ports, the sluice shutter on the Creek Bridge gate is now opening automatically at each low tide, sending a surge of water down to purge the gutway of the Creek.

The effectiveness is being monitored by Medway Ports to establish whether a second shutter should be used to increase the flow.

At present, the flow moves across to the Town Quay side, before straightening up down the gut, but a second shutter, on the other gate, might straighten this up. By alternating  shutters, it might be possible to purge the wider area here.

Going going almost gone

Medway ports are also planning for the gates to be opened in time for the Nautical Festival,  21-22 July – see separate post.

3 responses to “Good News – Sluice now flushing the Creek

  1. Excellent news. Can I just ask, though, is it still reasonable for visiting boats to use the Town Quay? Will they be firmly aground already when the gates are opened?

    • Dick,
      Very good point. The area by the quay has been dredged recently and does not actually need more. Barges and bigger craft will be ok but 22 footers will probably be disturbed. We will have to test it with a small boat – any volunteers?

  2. Griselda Mussett

    Terrific news about the sluicing and those are terrific photos too! Thank you to Medway Ports for the work, and for the plan to get the gates open next month. That is great news.

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