Faversham Creek Consortium AGM

The first item was the re-election of the committee and a new member standing as a replacement for our Chris Wright, who stood down due to his appointment as our new Chairman. His replacement is Bob Telford.

Jeremy Lamb reported on the work of the Consortium and its future priorities, and Anne Salmon reported on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan, which should result in a public consultation exhibition of the draft Plan this summer. The timetable for the referendum has been put back until 2014, to allow for the further public consultation.

1.B Amsterdam.night.tourist attractionChris Wright then gave an update on the Bridge, presenting a slide show of various lifting bridges, especially the one that lights up at night.

4.B Modern elegant design.Nieuwegen

5.B Leeds+Liverpool Canal.nr Wigan

5.C Greenland Dock.Surrey Quays.Rotherhithe





Bob Berk gave a short talk on the history of the Creek Dredging, and a description of his and Eric Green’s homebuilt water injection [agitation] dredger.


Brian Caffarey gave a resume of the Creekside Path Project.

After a few questions, the meeting was peremptorily closed at 8.30pm.

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