Standard Quay Black Shed Planning Decision Thurs 11th April

Swale Council planners will decide the fate of Standard Quay on Thursday 11 April (7pm, Council Chamber).
The Planning Officer is recommending that the application for a Restaurant, Art Gallery and Function Room in the No1 Black Shed should be approved!
If plans for a restaurant (+97 parking places) are accepted, we will lose any chance to ever reinstate the historic boatyard at the Quay.
Only one person is allowed to speak, but public support at the meeting would be much appreciated, and if you have not yet written to Swale with your views, please do so now.
The ref no is SW/12/1523 AJS Case 01675
and emails can be sent to
You can view the actual plans on
Standard Quay has been used for traditional maritime activities for centuries – not only loading and unloading vessels – but barge-building and repair, shipwrighting, rigging, sail-making, engineering, block-making, maintenance and training. All this ended very recently when the whole site was acquired by a property developer. And all this will be lost – on our watch.
Putting a restaurant and car-park into the historic maritime buildings will blight the whole site as far as barge maintenance is concerned.
Please do what you can to help preserve Faversham’s remarkable maritime heritage – by writing now.
Thank you!

4 responses to “Standard Quay Black Shed Planning Decision Thurs 11th April

  1. Griselda Mussett

    Personally, I cannot see why this proposal requires NINETY-SEVEN parking places. NINETY-SEVEN! I can only think it’s a sacrificial feature of the proposal, so that the council might grant permission for the overall scheme if the number of parking places is reduced. This quay has been intensively used, every square inch, till recently, for genuine economic activity. Now the idea is to make it into a car park. It is monstrous.

  2. How many of the Swale councillors live in Faversham? Does the Planning Officer live in Faversham? My guess is not many and no.
    Which way do those who purport to represent Faversham people propose to vote?

    • I think we should ask that the planning committee sees this short film before deciding on the future of the Quay:
      It shows what we have already lost – what could be reinstated – and might prevent the destruction of even more in the future.
      It would be great to contact the councillors individually to let them know how strongly people feel about it all.
      Their names are: Barnicott; Bobbin; Booth; Mick Constable; Ellen; Garrad; Mike Henderson; Mulhern; Prescott; Sandle; Truelove; Whelan; Nick Williams; Allan Willicombe; Jean Willicombe.
      They can be emailed via Swale Borough Council, or of course people can write to them by post!

  3. A car park at Standard Quay is not a good idea. It would mean even more traffic through Abbey Street. Even with 97 parking places would mean the possibility of 194 car journeys through the street, day and night. Noise, pollution and danger for the many cyclists and pedestrians who use that narrow stretch of street. If you want to develop the site as a tourist attraction I propose a Park and Ride scheme – which leaves from either from Tesco Car Park and/or the Main Car Park behind the Sun Inn. I am not necessarily against a restaurant – or the influx of tourists, quite on the contrary, I see it as progress. I do, however feel very strongly that the current infrastructure is not adequate to sustain the development at the quayside. Faversham should be thinking about the future of the town – it should be planning a pedestrian/cylcle bridge over the Creek (think millennium bridge London) and link in the the other side of the Creek. How about a car park on the the Industrial Estate on the other side of the Creek? And a lovely walk to the Creek – crossing the bridge and making the quayside pedestrianised. There are so many possibilities – lets not leave any stone unturned…..

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