Faversham Town Council visits the Purifier

Monday night, Town Councillors and members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, and the Mayor, David Simmons, accompanied by the Town Clerk, Jackie Westlake, took up the invitation to visit the Purifier building to see our progress and hear about our plans and hopes for the future.IMG_0557

Chris Wright, Simon Foster, Hilary Whelan and Griselda Mussett gave brief descriptions of our history and progress, the plans for developing a training scheme for apprentice shipwrights, the Trust’s view of the economics of the Creek and Tourism, and the membership and volunteering effort.


There was a robust question and answer session at the end.
ImageImage 7

Other guests were Councillors Cosgrove, Henderson, Abram, Campbell, Davis, Payne, Coulter, and Leader and Deputy Mayor, Nigel Kay, who is also Chairman of the Steering Group; Ann Salmon and Andrew Osborne attended as members of the Steering Group.

The guests were given a pack of information, which will be published on this site seperately. Also Ray Harrison displayed his Swan Quay character appraisal, a substantial investigation running to more than 60 pages, fully illustrated, suggesting a way forward to the future for Swan Quay.

David Simmons thanked the Trust for the presentations and some guests were given a tour of the building.

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