Creek Plan Steering Group meets Tues. 15th

Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meets at the Guildhall on Tuesday 15th October at 7pm.

A paper, written by a sub committee, outlining recommendations for the various sites, after meetings with the landowners, will be presented. 

Against widely expressed local views, especially at the recent exhibition, the Group will hear a recommendation that Ordnance Wharf should be a Residential site.

You should be aware that, following the addition of new members onto the Steering Group, including this Trust and the Brents Community Association, the Town Council voted to exclude these Non Councillor members from having a vote on decisions. 

This is a crucial meeting for the future of the Neighbourhood Plan. It is important that there is a large turn-out for this meeting so that as many people as possible hear what is being proposed.

So, please attend this meeting, to hear and see the democratic process at work… and maybe influence it a little by a show of numbers.

For some background to the democratic process the following is an extract from the last FCNPSG minutes;

2.2 Nigel Kay explained that, as a statutory Committee of the Town Council, only Councillors would be able to vote.  Other votes taken by all the Steering Group could only be advisory.  The Group discussed whether it should continue to be a statutory Committee and, therefore, bound by those legal requirements and the Standing Orders, or whether it should become an Advisory Committee, which could develop its own rules and procedures.

It was noted that advice had been received that both options were available for Neighbourhood Plan development and examples were given where the community engagement had been commended by the Independent Examiner (Littlehampton and Thame.  The latter had received an award from RTPI for best practice in developing a Neighbourhood Plan).

Brenda Chester proposed, seconded by Chris Wright that the Steering Group should cease to be a Committee of the Town Council, and become an Advisory Committee.  On being put to the meeting, the vote was 4 for the proposal and 6 against.  The vote being lost, it was agreed the Steering Group should continue as a statutory Committee of the Council.

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