A Day for Young People April 4th

A day for young people, organised by young people. Come along and find out how to be part of the new Faversham Youth Council


4 Excellent Talks coming up

Moving Ships
Prof. Chris Wright
Tuesday 17 April Fleur Hall, Gatefield Lane

Occupation, Use and Ownership of Quays of the Creek from the Middle Ages to 2018
John Owen FSA
Thursday 31 May Purifier Building

Greenpeace – Still Making Waves
Prof Tim Valentine
Thursday 21 June Purifier Building

Faversham 20202020
Prof Tim Stonor
Tuesday 10 July The Limes, Preston Street – upstairs


An afternoon of Thames Barge Sailing Films Sunday 18th


Creek Clean Sunday 11th


A rare opportunity to purchase the beautiful, professionally made ‘Joansa’ rowing skiff. This well respected John Welsford design has been built by The Purifier Yacht And Dinghy Co Ltd, Faversham, Kent using Robbins Elite ply, West System Epoxy, Douglas Fir and Meranti hardwood rubbing strake. Finished in 2-pack polyeurethane varnish and blue paint. Bronze rowlocks and sockets. Two rowing positions. Complete with oars.


From Welsford’s website: “Joansa is an adaptation of a late 1800’s Chamberlain Dory skiff, native to the inshore fishing industry of the north east coast of North America. Smart rowers, seaworthy, simple to build and maintain, and nice lookers.

“My modern day version is light enough to roof rack on our old Toyota Starlet, fast enough to win races and carries enough weight to take the three of us and gear on a weeks camping holiday.

“Joansa proved popular, she is a very pretty craft that attracts a lot of attention and plan sales have been so good that at least two boatbuilders took them on as a stock boat.

“Our Joansa did a lot of miles for us, travelling quickly and easily – some of the mileage done under power with our 2hp Honda outboard but mostly under the oars she was designed for.

Joansa is also perfectly suited to being powered by a modern, quiet, electric outboard such as Torqeedo or ePropulsion, the latter available at a great price when purchasing a boat from us.



This boat was used by us as a show boat on display but is now available for sale and immediate delivery.       £5.950…Reasonable offers considered and could be delivered at cost. Please check first.






See the construction sequence at

The Purifier Building, Morrisons Wharf. Faversham, Kent ME13 7DY. T: 07865091155 E: purifierboats@gmail.com.        International: +44 7865091155



Latest News about the Bridge

Chair Sue Akhurst’s address to the AGM

* The latest news about the Bridge is that it will not be replaced in 2018. Naturally we are all feeling disappointed and frustrated. The Trust is working with our three Councils, Kent, Swale and Faversham and everyone involved is still whole heartedly committed to the opening bridge.

* The tenders that KCC has received for the swing bridge have come in well over budget, at around £2.5 million. KCC must award the whole project to a single principal contractor, so the tenders include design work, project management, traffic management, legal costs, the abutments, as well as the Bridge itself. Also they are legally required to include an amount to cover the whole-life maintenance of the Bridge – 120 years – plus a percentage for contingency. KCC had prepared a revised estimate earlier this year of £1.2million, but the tenders of £2.5million exceed that estimate in almost every aspect

* KCC will be working on a way forward for the next few months. They will report back to the Bridge Steering Group in late February 2018.  The good news is that they are now regarding the project as a basin-wide regeneration project, not only a bridge.

*  KCC had said that the existing Bridge is very close to the end of its safe lifespan. However, they have carried out maintenance and repairs, and their inspectors now say that it can last a few years longer, with a continued planned maintenance programme. This buys a little time for them to source the money needed for the Swing Bridge.

*  Meanwhile we must hold our nerve and not lose hope. KCC knows how important this opening bridge is to Faversham – that it is not just a Highways Project, but a major Regeneration Project, which will bring great benefit to us all. Swale and Faversham Councils are also strongly committed to an opening Bridge. We must all co-operate together to make sure it happens – soon!

*   I hope to have more information by the end of February, and we’ll inform you all as soon as we have more news.



AGM Friday November 24th at 7.30pm in the Alexander Centre.

FCT AGM 24Nov2017 1st Notice


De Garre at the Arden Sat 11th Nov.

Faversham Town Council Contribution to the Swing Bridge Fund

It was agreed by Faversham Town Council a couple of years ago to borrow £175,000 to put towards the Creek Swing Bridge.

It is the council’s intention to apply for the loan now while rates remain low (currently 2.9%).

We need to provide evidence of current agreement from residents of Faversham.

Are you in agreement to Faversham Town Council borrowing £175,000 over 50 years at the repayment of £6,700 per year for the Creek Swing Bridge?

To reply to this poll, please use the link below;


and scroll down to the poll