Faversham Business Partnership visits the Purifier


On Thursday night, 30 members of the Faversham Business Partnership visited the Purifier for a presentation about what the Trust is doing, and an opportunity to develop better links between the Trust and the other Businesses in the Town.IMG_2029

Chris Wright welcomed everyone with a short history of the Trust, our aims for the Basin, and why we are collecting funds for the Swing Bridge.

Chris Bichard talked about the need for better networking within the Town amongst all the businesses and organisations with an interest in developing the Town. IMG_2035

Brian Pain described the Apprentice Scheme and showed what they would be building, a replica of the Mayhi.

3 responses to “Faversham Business Partnership visits the Purifier

  1. Having just found this website I would like to know more about Mayhi. which I be!ieve to be an old estuary racer that I sailed in for many years.I know she ended up in Prors yard at Burnanam, and I lost track of her then.

  2. Ray,
    I have forwarded your comments to Eldon Hinchcliffe who owned the Mayhi last and gave her to FCT to reproduce by the Apprentices

  3. Bob,
    Many thanks ,I really look forward to hearing from Eldon.
    My last post should have been Prior’s yard at Burnham of course.
    These keyboards have a mind of their own.

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