That Dinghy Race









Six dinghies started but only four finished the two laps and the winners were Alan Staley for the Traditionalists and Helen North for the Bermudans. Worries about whether the tide would make enough water were overcome by just launching them in anyway, the breeze overcoming any resistance of the mud .

Helen tore away from the start, signalled by Lady Sondes and her very loud air horn, and never looked back [clearly needed a bucket tied to her transom] and Alan and John lead the way in the luggers, until John let excitement waggle his rudder in the mud too vigorously causing it to break. The Topper was the only capsize but the rescue boat was on hand just in case he stuck his mast in the mud [nothing worse]  and the narrow beat to Morrisons definitely sorted the girls from the boys.

The winners were welcomed back over the line by more blasts on her Ladyship’s horn, having just given the now excited press photographer, reliving his youth as a fashion photographer, a demonstration of her modelling skills around the starting pole, whilst wearing a lifebuoy… we expect interesting pics in the Faversham Press today.  Lady Sondes kindly presented the cups to the winners; we hope that she enjoyed her day and thank her for joining in the spirit of the event.

A great way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon and a reminder of what it will be like when we open that Bridge.

IMG_2247 IMG_2230 IMG_2234 IMG_2265IMG_2228 IMG_2246IMG_2250 IMG_2289 IMG_2265 IMG_2312IMG_2218 IMG_2215 IMG_2222IMG_2194

Our thanks go to Sixer, the Rescue Boat Crew, all the entrants and everyone who helped to make it an enjoyable and successful day.


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