(130404) Brent Swing 1277 – Works Notification – update

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Brent Swing Bridge No.1277, Bridge Road, Faversham ~ Bridge Maintenance ~ Update

What are we planning to do?

We are carrying out maintenance repairs to the Brent Swing Bridge, deck supports (bearings), at the North/Brents end of the structure. These are a continuation of the works from just before Christmas.

Where will the works take place?

The bridge carries Bridge Road over Faversham Creek and is located 60m north of its junction with Conduit Street/North Lane.

Why do we want to do this work?

Inspections have identified a need for local repairs to the bearings to ensure the continued use of the bridge by traffic.

How will we carry out the work and how will it affect you?

Inspections and repairs for these works are being carried out from scaffolding underneath the bridge. A temporary small compound and storage area is located on the verge, immediately north of the bridge. The bridge is expected to remain open to pedestrians and traffic throughout.

Please respect our workers space and safety by driving carefully and slowly through any roadworks. Feedback from our workers shows that too many drivers go too fast through roadworks. Everyone is entitled to a safe workplace. Our men and women work next to moving traffic and risk injury every day.

When will the work start and how long will it take?

Erection of the scaffolding began on 26 March and it is anticipated that the work will be completed within 4 weeks.

How to contact us?

Kent County Council Highways 24 hour helpline – 08458 247 800 Project Ref: Brent Swing Bridge1277

WARNING – Beware Bogus Callers

Kent Highway Services do not allow works to be carried out on private properties. If anyone says they are working for Kent Highway Services or our specialist contractors and offer to carry out any work for cash they should be treated with caution and you are advised to contact Kent County Council Trading Standards on 0845 345 0210, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.page1image22776

Westwell Leacon Railway Bridge No. 850

Please keep this in a safe place so you can refer to it if you need to contact us

whilst the works are being done – call us on 08458 247 800

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